That’s going to leave a mark!

While I was a work today, one of our programers sent me a link to this news article.

Symantec false positive cripples thousands of Chinese PCs.

I work for a software company, and I can’t stand how dumb Norton products have become over the last few years.  The Norton Anti-Virus program constantly flags our computer program as infected with a virus, even though we have a class 3 digital signature from Version on the files.  Yes, we use a load time compression agent to keep the program small when it is not being used, but that is not a good reason to quarantine a program that has been digitally signed.  Come on, Norton helped develop the standard for virus detection to include digital signatures as a check, but apparently have not figured out how to use it.

As I come off my soap box, I find it really funny that China is being hit so hard by this latest mistake on the part of Symantec.  If you look on their we site, they list as one of the fixes to get your computer back up in and running is to “copy the effective files from the windows install CD” back on to the computer.  There are two issues with this  1) Most computer ship with restore CD’s for consumers which will wipe the hard drive if you are not careful  2) It is a well known fact that China does not enforce software licensing at all, so there are pirated version of Windows all over the place…but not very many people have install disks just images that get dropped on machines.  Not to get too conspiracy theory in my reading between the lines, but could this be a form up punishment for people who are pirating the windows software?  Most likely not, but I’m sure some people at Microsoft are getting a warm fuzzy feeling as they see how many people will be hitting their update server to upgrade from “Older” Installs from old CDs.

All in all, this story just re-enforces a the fact for me that Norton products are not nearly as good as they used to be.


~ by trinity777 on August 1, 2008.

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