Look Out, Here We Go Again

So I was reading my “iGoogle” page and saw this post that was talking about how Hilary Clinton has been given an unpresidented amount of attnetion at the DNC in Denver this year FOXNews.com – The Clinton Convention – Opinion.

What I saw in the top right corner of the fox web page was a link that simply said “What will Pastor Rick Warren ask Brack Obama and John McCain?”  If your interested, follow this link to see the video of the story.  And I felt a sick, lurching feeling in the pit of my stomach, that I usually get when a I feel a bad sense of deja vous coming on.

I’m a Christian, but I don’t consider myself aligned with what is commonly refereed to as the “Evangelical Christian” political agenda.  I believe in freedom of religion, and I am morally opposed to legislation of morality.  This means that while many of my fellow Christians in America are concerned with Gay Marriage, Prayer in school, and other important things, I would rather focus on denying the Federal Government the right to poke it’s nose in state affairs.  It is against everything I believe, as an American and a Christian, to force any kind of religion or practice on a group of people out of the preference of a majority opinion.

What does this have to do with Pastor Rick Warren.  Pastor Rick (as his congregation calls him) is a major influence in the Christian world.  As Pastor of Sadelback Community Church in California, he is one of the poster children of the Evangelical Church.  His book, “Purpose Driven Church,” is credited as one of the most forward thinking philosophies the American Church has seen in years, and the follow up book, “Purpose Driven Life,” has been accepted with an equal amount of joy and appreciation by almost ever church in America.  Sadelback Church is the largest church in California, and one of the top five largest churches in America.

Why is he being brought into this political process?

Flash back to the 2004 election, and you will see something that both Bush and the Church kept very quiet.  There were a number of churches that got behind Bush, and pastors were flat out telling their congregations that Bush was God’s pick for President.  In doing so, broke a large number of laws.  If a church wants the right to declare who their people should vote for, they are required by law to pay taxes like any other organization that lobbies for presidential candidates.  But most churches have a religious-nonprofit status that exempts them from a lot of things other organizations have to pay taxes on.  And the Evangelical Church stood proud and fearless in it’s opinion that Bush was the candidate to bring a God Fearing American to the for front of the world again.

Get ready, because it is going to happen again.  The Evangelical political machine is gearing up.  When Rick Warren takes the stage in this phase of the political race for President, every Evangelical Pastor in the country will be watching.  And, as my own Christian Education has taught me so much over the years, who would ever question the views and opinions of such a godly Man?

Be afraid.  Every time religion gets mixed into politics, only tears can result.


~ by trinity777 on August 15, 2008.

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