Issues with Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.2

So the project I’m working on at work came to a halt today when I upgraded it to the latest release of the WordPress platform.  Looks like something messed up my uploaded image library settings, becuase instead of seeing thumbnails I now get the following:

Meadia Libarary with no Thumbs

Meadia Libarary with no Thumbs

The same thing appears when I try to add an image I’ave already uploaded to a new post, the image library browser also shows no thumbs:

Error Instering Image, no thumbs

Error Instering Image, no thumbs

And last of all, honestly the thing that has me banging my head agaist the wall, WordPress no longer insterst the corret HTML code for images when you add an image that was previously uploaded.  Works fine for new downloads, but for images already in the system before I upgraded, I get the following HTML when trying add a linked fiel:

Img HTML missing URL for image

Img HTML missing URL for image

The link works as a hyper link to a new page, but no imag loads in the post becuase the <img src> tag is left with a location of “” in the element tag.  This only happens for files that I had already uploaded, new uploads work fine.

If any WordPress people out there have any suggestions, drop me a comment and let me know.


~ by trinity777 on September 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Issues with Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.2”

  1. Figures that as soon as I post this on my site, I figured out what happened. Apparently a file called “functions.php” had an issue when 2.6.0 was released. I was able to get the updated version of that file from the WordPress trunk after reading a post in the WordPress Support forms that I had read before. The post said that the fix had been applied to the 6.2.1 release, but apparently is must have gotten missed in the 6.2.2 release.

    Go figure!!!

  2. Well, that’ sucks. The same problem is back and I’m not sure why. I’ve rolled everything back to the original files, pre-install, and I can’t get the issue to go away. Crap!

  3. Update:

    Finally came to the conclusion that the issue resided with the way the data was stored in the database for the thumbnail data. I could not track down where it went wrong, so I just restored from a previous back up and all was well. Well…I had to reload three or four posts, but I learned a great lesson. Backing up is not nearly as important as making a clean back up to roll back to when your back up could contain a corruption. I now have a “stable” back up of both my wordpress install and of my database from the same day, in addition to the weekly back ups I do for my install and the daily back ups I do for the posts. Every other week I update the “stable” back up.

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