The Joy of Word Press!

OK, so my world has been absorbed in two major things right now: Moving to North Carolina, and getting this Knowledge Base project finalized at work.

So what is going on with WordPress? Well, 2.7 is on it way and should be released latter this month. So, like any good project planner, I looked ahead and downloaded the Public Betas that have been released. And Wow, am I impressed.

So not only is the user interface a lot more pretty, it’s also more intuitive. I’m able to show people at work how to use it a lot easier now, without having to explain the thinking behind where everything is located. Writing a post and posting an image into it seem to work a lot more logical for people who have never seen WordPress before, and it looks sleek on top of that.

So as I was poking around today, I found two new features that will be a lot of help to people in the future:

  • Automatic Updates
    OK, so my first computer was a Commodore 64. Yeah, my first programing language was BASIC. And I know that when I was in college I wiped Windows from my hard drive and installed RedHat Linux, and wrote all my college papers in Word Perfect. So I will admit that when it comes to computer I am not your average run of the mill user, I a geek. Well…maybe more of a masochist, but the line there is usually very thin anyway. So when I get an update notice from WordPress that it’s time to update to a new version, I do it. I just have to download it to my host machine, expand it, back up my current install files and sql database, then copy the new set of files over the existing one, run the upgrade script that comes with it, and I’m done (usually it’s that easy anyway). Then I look back at what I just wrote and go…no wonder everyone in the WordPress community complains every time there is an update.

    There is now a convenient update utility that allows you to update to the latest point release with a single click. So you can go from 2.7 to 2.7.1 or 2.7.1 to 2.7.2 in just a click. Now that’s forward thinking. You may still have to do a full update going between major revisions, but there is a reason they call them “Major Revisions” not minor updates. So, in the words of Forest Gump, “Oh that’s great. One less thing.”

  • Unattached Media
    Ever put something with something else, and since you put it with that something else, and you go to find it, it’s not where you left it? Like you paper clipped your spare proof of issuance to the pink slip of your car, filed it away someplace, and now that paper clip is still attached but the proof of insurance is not? Happens to my images in WordPress all the time. Now, you might say, “You could just draft your posts first, then put your pics with them latter.” And to that I say, this is American and If I write in a stream of consciousness way then I should not have to conform to your narrow minded methods of creativity. So what if I scrap the post a few months latter because it was crap to begin with (most likely do to lack of organized thought). Those great pics are still there, but left out alone in the cold, with no way to see the light of day, stuck in the binary limbo of unlinked inter net content.

    Well, WordPress has though of something of people just like me. You can now view by “Unattached” in the media library. All your orphaned media will be brought right to your attention, so you can give them a nice warm home in a page or post so that they can be seen by the world. And WordPress will show you this is just three clicks!

These are just two small things that I’ve run across, small things that can make a big difference if you are managing a big blog.


~ by trinity777 on November 10, 2008.

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