Now that’s a great way to use a PS3

I just read this post over at Looks like some security guys figured out away to link 200 Playstation 3 game counsels together, to crack one of the standard security encryption methods that are used on the internet. The cluster of PS3s only took 2 days to crack the encryption, and there were able to forge Certificate Authorities for various websites.

Cool what you can do with a PS3, isn’t it?

Read the whole thing at “”.


~ by trinity777 on December 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “Now that’s a great way to use a PS3”

  1. The implications of this really could cause alot of damage. The standard that was cracked is called secure socket layer (ssl). Lets just say, your bank will probably use ssl ;).

  2. SSL is pretty standard now as a method of security. Now if I just had 200 friends who are in the financial place that they can afford a PS3, we could start something. Alas, to make/steal/get money, you must first have money.

  3. yeh that’s true of course. You would have to learn assembly for a cell processor and become experts of cryptological analysis etc. I believe it may be more about the software that was optimising the ps3 hardware.
    Ah and yes what an awful dilemma about money 🙂 thanks again for sharing

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