Move Relization #1: Commuting is a relative term

In my quest for a new job here in North Carolina, I’ve come face to face with a fact about California life that most of the country is completely unfamiliar with: Traffic.

As Californian’s go, I think I do not fit into the most normal category, but we Californians are commuters to the core. That’s what happens when land is only affordable to live on in places where there really are no jobs. My Father, for example, commutes 65 miles one way every day that he goes to work. He has done this since I was too young to remember. My first job that I had away from the University I graduated from, had me commuting 60 miles into Southern Riverside County down some of the busiest freeway in all of California. My friends were know to make the trek from Upland to Edwards Air Force Base (60+ miles) every day for their jobs as well.

So here I am in North Carolina. As I spoke with a recruiter today, there is a great job opportunity open in the city of Wilkesboro, which is about 62 miles away from Mooresville by freeway, and 55 by country road. When I didn’t even balk at the mention of the commute and said how soon could I start, the conversation when like this:

Recruiter: Are you sure?
Me: Yes! This is totally in my skill set, and will help me grow in my abilities
Recruiter: But it’s over 60 miles from where you live, and they are not paying for mileage
Me: 60 miles is not as bad as it seems
Recruiter: Have you ever done something like this before? It can really take a toll on you.
Me: Yep. I drove 60 plus miles every day for about a year to be a crisis counselor, for kids who were suicidal.
Recruiter: Oh…it’s just that most people don’t want to commute more than 10 miles.

10 miles! Talk about spoiled. Granted, I was very spoiled in my last job and only had to commute about 3 miles to work. But I’ve only just moved here and I have to be able to expect to put my dues in. If this company likes me, and they decide to keep me, I could put in for a transfer to the other corporate office, which is in my home town.

Now, make no mistake, I know that if I have to add an hour each way to my commute it will take a toll. However, if the pay is right, the work environment is good, and I can be happy in this position, then it is worth it to bring home a steady income.


~ by trinity777 on January 23, 2009.

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