Waiting in Anticipation:

So I got a call yesterday from Lowe’s. I’ve been hoping to land a Job with their IT department ever since I found out that their corporate HQ is only a few blocks from my house. Back in December I applied for a support position they had posted on their website, and I had just figured they had filled the position. Apparently not.

I spoke with a guy from their application support team and it was very pleasant. Turns out we are both Mac users, and that my experience with Unix and SQL is going to be really important if they decide to higher me. Apparently Lowe’s has built all of their own applications on Unix platforms for all their stores across the US. If I get this job I would be able to interact with store managers to help out with issues their store may be having, and have the opportunity to work with everything from wireless systems to database, to Point of Sales stuff.

The only issue is that the job is about 60 miles away from where I live. It’s a long commute, but the pay is worth it. And there is a rumor that there is a shuttle that runs from the HQ here in Mooresville to the HQ in Wilkesboro (where the position is) that is free for employees.

Keep your fingers crossed!


~ by trinity777 on February 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Waiting in Anticipation:”

  1. Best wishes. I’ve been thinking of you guys lately. Thanks for keeping us posted on the job search. This has been quite a journey (literally) for you guys.

    • It’s hard to keep in touch on the other side from 3 time zones away, but we are doing the best. I’m just glad that my friends (and most of my family) are able to use the internet.

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