Bad and Good at the Same Time

This last month has been a bit of a roller coaster. What with weird weather and all, as well as my job search. It started with a really great thing, I was assigned by Tek Systems to work on a move for a company. The company was relocating their warehouse from one side of Charlotte to the other, and they needed help with moving all their office, shipping, and receiving computers. Two solid days of work, and they fed us. All the people helping with the move, employees and contractors like me, were fed. And not just fed, we eat like kings. They did cheese burgers, hot dogs, and all the snacks you wanted for the first night, Toasted Sub Sandwiches for lunch the next day, and BBQ for dinner to close it all out. And they had an unlimited supply of sodas thought out the project, and the staff we worked with were very cool and great to work with. It was, the best assignment I’ve had so far with Tek Systems.

Then I found out that I have no more projects to work on for my old company, Laser App. While this is a devastating blow to my already small income, I don’t harbor any ill will. I knew that the moment they offered me the chance to work on stuff, while no longer an employee, it was out of the kindness of the owner’s hart. The hours started to shrink, and have finally been reduced to nothing. I’m sure that every one and then they will ask me to test something, or help out with the Knowledge Base, but I have officially end the work I agreed to do before leaving California. I still thank God every day for the chance to work for Laser App, and for how much that company has taken care of me these last 2 years.

Then I interview for a couple of jobs in Charlotte, and one came back as an absolute “No”. However, there is a software company that has not gotten back to me yet, who I think I would be a very good fit for. They are closing their interview this week and I should know soon weather or not they want me.

Finally, there is today. I got a phone call earlier this week from Tek Systems, wanting to know if I was interested in a week’s worth of work. I said, “Any work is good work,” and they set me up for a meeting today. I have been part of a Tek Systems install team assigned to a computer move for Lowes for that last couple of months. They like the work that I’ve been doing, and have heard good things about me. Apparently they are down a person on their dedicated deployment team, and were looking for a temp to fill the spot. I met with three people form that team today, and it seemed like they were positive. I don’t know any specifics about the job yet, but I’m excited. Any chance to work with Lowes, who is right in my back yard, is a good opportunity. I think the team members I met with were really glad to here that I live less then 10 minuets away, as most of their team lives much further than that. I should know soon weather or not they are going to take me, or ask Tek Systems for someone else.

So all in all, lots of good, a very big bad, and I’m still hanging in there.


~ by trinity777 on March 19, 2009.

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