He shoots…He scores!!!!!!

Today is a good day. Today is the day that I can breath for a bit, enjoy the great weather outside, get some things done around the house, and bask in the lifting of a huge burden. I got a job offer!

Now, in light of the recent stuff that has bee happening on the internet with people getting job offers, and then saying something stupid that results in the offer being pulled, I’m not going into details. But I have an offer! That means I made it thought the interview process and they actually want me! It’s so nice to feel wanted. We just need to get though the formalities of the hiring process, and I should start latter this month.

OK, so now that I breathed…I am not off the hook as far as stress goes. If I start this job latter this month, that means I will not see any kind of a pay check until next month. So there are these nice people, like utility companies, grocery stores, gas stations, that seem to need this thing called money. And if you try to reason with them and explain that you will pay them back latter, then they call these nice people with guns to cart you away, or just turn off luxuries like your power and your gas. I might be able to find some work with Tek Systems in this time, but I basically have about 2 weeks (starting today) to pay for a whole month’s worth of expenses.

My wife and I found out about the job offer on Friday, so we celebrated by…well dancing around and jumping for joy ( that kind of celebration is free). Today starts the last part of the trek out of a dark tunnel. This job almost seems to have to have come too late for us to make things work, but I refuse to be beat down. I have a few contacts, I know a few people, and God has gotten us this far so there is no reason why he won’t provide what we need to get to the end.

Maybe this is just a lesson that I need to keep learning in life. There are people who care for me, who are willing to help me when the can. And God has always been watching my back, and saving me at the last minuet when things get really bad. I just have to hold on and wait, and see what he pulls out of his sleeve this time. I’m not going to mention a dollar value of what I need to make this month’s obligations, but it’s not impossible if I just don’t give up and keep asking people for work. I got a job offer. I’m on a roll now and just need to keep it up.


~ by trinity777 on April 6, 2009.

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