Living in Charlotte

So It’s time for me to do my no-so-semi-annual blog post.

Life in North Carolina has gotten a little bit closer to what I am used to having back in California.  Mostly this is due to the fact that my wife and I have moved from Mooresville to the “Big City” of Charlotte.  At least to North Carolinians, this is the big city.  It’s only slightly bigger than Pasadena but it a much cooler skyline.  At night, the Duke Energy building has a it’s entire out line glow in different colors, and the colors change all night long.

I have also really hit my stride at my work place.  The customers that I work with really like me, and my co-workers are people that (most days) I enjoy working with.  Not a bad place to be if you spend 40+ hours there a week.  The company is also growing, so it’s cool to be one of the first one’s in and watch everything get bigger and better.  In a day and age when people are struggling to find work, and those that do have it are worried about keeping it, it’s a true blessing to work in a place that not only take care of it’s employees but also has a strong and secure future ahead of it.

We will have been in Charlotte for a year this month.  I know, I really do a great job of posting on this blog.  It’s nice to live only have a 20 min max commute to work.  But my wife and I still miss home.  DO NOT TRY TO NAVIGATE THIS CITY WITH OUT A GPS!  Back in California all the of cities were laid out in a grid.  If you missed a turn, you can easily find an alternate street to get back to where you need.  The city was built hundreds of years ago!  So everything is laid out in circular spider web.  And the names change at the drop of the hat.  The other day we started on 3rd street, which turned into Queens street.  This took us to the corner of South Queens and South Queens!  A 5 point intersection of South Queens, South Queens, North Queens, and Queens Ave.  So which way am I supposed to turn?  Turns out, I just need to go straight, and it turned into Sharon!  And the south says the Yankees are crazy?  Pick a name and stick with it!

Other than fun driving experiences, we found REAL Mexican food!  It’s so bad for us, and not on our diet (yes I need to drop some weight), but it is like a little piece of home when we go there to eat.

So here are some pics of Charlotte I stole from my wife’s blog.  For the record, some of these are her cast off pics because they do not meet her normal standards…but I like them so the can go on my blog where the standards are more….lacking.

So here is something we found on our walking tour of Charlotte in December.  I guess wherever you go, you are not really that far from Charlotte.

How Far to Charlotte

Charlotte is everywhere

Given my driving experience above, this sign post has a special place in my heart.

Queen Charlotte

All hail the Queen

Charlotte is known as “The Queen City”.  Being from the LA area, I initially thought that perhaps this was a comment on the night life and had visions of West Hollywood in my mind.  The city is actually named after Queen Charlotte (seen above with her royal yappy dog).  The settlers who first founded Charlotte named their city after their Queen (according to plague on the statue) because they loved her so much.  I personally think there may be something to the fact that another queen’s name was associated with a settlement to the north, but my understanding of European/Early America comes mostly from movies so this is just speculation.


Is this irony?

So the sign is a little hard to read, but the jug with the ‘P’ hug over the door of the Town Tavern says “Prohibition”.  Is this irony?  I never get that right?  Point of interest: The regal statue of Queen Charlotte above, is located in front of this fine establishment.

Tree in the city

Trees in the City

Even in the middle of downtown Charlotte, you are surrounded by trees.  They are everywhere.

Big Disk Thingy

Big Disk Thingy

And the last thing I leave you with is a big disk looking thingy.  All over Charlotte there are sculptures and big pieces of art.  This one stands about 14 feet tall.  The cool think is that while it looks really kind of cool from a distance, if you get up close and touch it is is detailed and textured with a lot of fine details.  Like a lot of things you see in Charlotte, there is a lot more to it then first meets the eye.

So, until next time…whenever that is.


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