I have been given a new position

So I work for company called Imagine Software.  I LOVE my job.  Over the past 3 years working there I have peen pushed to learn more about SQL and and server technologies then I ever though I would need to know (I’ve always been a hardware guy), but I’ve learned a lot more about helping people than I ever expected.   One of the running jokes when I first got hired was that my previous job was working as a Crisis Councilor and that working with suicidal kids was not that much different than working in tech support.  Little did I know how true that statement was.

Over the past 3 years our company has grown a lot, and our CEO has become very concerned with how that grow impacts that level of service our customer get.  So a new position was created in my department for a person to help manage the relationship we have with our clients, and ensure that they are still being successful (our product does billing of Insurance and Patients for Radiologists).  I have been chosen, along with one other person, to fill that position.

I’m excited!  This means that I will be assigned to a handful of clients to focus on what I do best: Make sure the clients are actually  getting the best service possible and making sure the client knows our Support Team REALLY DOES care about them.  So while I will be working less day to day issues for all of our clients, I will now be making bi-weekly calls to my assigned clients, just to make sure that their currently open issues are being addressed as well as seeing if there is anything else we can do to help them be more successful in their business.  In addition, I will be helping tickets move through our support system faster, as well as making sure my clients ticket are responded to and worked in a timely manner.  It’s not quite a promotion in that I will not have people reporting to me or working underneath me, but I will have control over the priority of issues and will have the freedom to ask people (inside my department and outside) to  make things happen if the client’s need warrants dropping what we are doing and getting it taken care of.  There are also some other perks, like if I can get my assigned client to be more successful, there is a whole bonus/incentive program where I will be rewarded for how well the client is doing each business quarter.

All in all…..I’m excited!  I’m really excited.  I typically do not like change, but I think this is a good one.  I have the support of my assistant manager, my boss, and my CEO.  I already have a reputation with our client base as being one of the people they go to if they have a real issue that needs to be taken care of, and my co-workers know me as a person who will put the customer first every time (At the end of the year, they voted me the winner of the “Bull Dog” award for being the kind of person who does not give up; I got a trophy and everything :-)).  There is bound to be drama in our department, because I don’t care how awesome your team is there will always be resistance to change.  But I’m SUPPER stoked, and have already started calling my assigned clients with the news that I am their CRM (Client Relationship Manager).

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me this quarter to get everything started with my clients, but once I get momentum started this is a train that will not stop.


~ by trinity777 on July 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “I have been given a new position”

  1. That is great news! It takes a special skill set to do customer service. Cheers, dude!

    • Thanks! Hopefully I’ll be able to get into a rhythm of managing my clients, and start to feel like I know what I’m doing. Right now…well, after a week I feel like I’m fighting to keep my head above water. It will get better, I just have to stick with it and get used to the change.

    • Sarah did something similar for a time at her job – she had an 18-month internship with this department that is devoted specifically to a few high-selling brokers. It really is a totally different experience to work in customer service for everyone vs. customer service that is devoted to one’s special clients. Good luck! I know you’ll do well. You and Sarah are the only people I know who are so… good (for lack of a better word) at helping people. It’s amazing to me.

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