Places I have Have Been

To answer that Proverbial question, where do I come from, I’ve started to keep track of places I have been and lived over the years. Now, here are my qualifiers for how something makes these lists:

  1. Places I have visited only count if I spent a day there and did something that was not related to my current employment at the time (ie, business trips do not count unless I did non-business related stuff while there)
  2. I had to live there for more than 5 Months to count has having “lived” there
  3. Driving though a place on the way to a destination does not count, unless visiting friends and/or family or A good story comes out of it like a car breaking down
  4. There have to be places that I’ve gone as an adult, places I choose to go

So with out Further Aduo I have lived in the following Places (in chronological order):

  • Wrightwood, Ca
      Nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, Wrightwood is a ski town in the Angels National Forest. I spend my younger years in this small ski town.
  • Phelan, Ca
      My home town, where I grew up. The remote, deasert, small town, my explain a lot of things about how I got so messed up
  • Azusa, Ca
      I went to University for four years (yes I graduated) and lived here for that whole time. I also lived in the same city for a few years following my graduation
  • Arcaida, Ca
      I once lived in a house, loving referred to as “Geek House 3”, with 5 other guys (big house with enough technology and brain power to take over a small country)
  • Glendora, Ca
      I lived in Gelendora for 2 years then had to move on when my room mate got married, and I was fired from my Job
  • Upland, Ca
      I lived in Upland longer than almost any other place since I left home. While I lived in various different places in the city, Upland was good to me for more than 4 years.
  • Mooresville, NC
      Mooresville is also known as Race City USA, and is home to the NASCAR Institute, and many of the NASCAR Race Teams. My wife and I moved her to be closer to her family.
  • Charlotte, NC
      After our move to NC, I got a job working at a software company in the south part of Charlotte. After a year and a half of commuting 32+ miles one way, it was time to move closer to work. We now live on the south side of Charlotte and are closer to things we used to have in California such as Civilization.

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